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Maha Sivarathri





About Maha Sivarathri

Mahasivarathri is cellebrated in Kumbam (Feb-March). It commemorates the day on which Lord Shiva consumed Kalakuta Visham (the deadly poison) to save the world from destruction. The main celebration of the day is offering of special poojas and abhishekhams, and cultural programs in all the Shiva temples. The Sivarathri festival on the banks of River Periyar at Alwaye, is one of the most spectacular local festivals of Kerala, which attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the country.

The great night of Lord Siva.

The word meaning of Mahasivarathri is `the great night of Lord Siva. The Mahasivarathri is considered a very important day for fast and Siva worship.

The history/legends about Mahasivarathri are :-

  • It is to commemorate the day on which Lord Siva consumed the deadly poison (Kalakuta Visham) to save the world from destruction.


  • The mother Parwathi worshipped Lord Siva with great devotion and the Lord Siva pleased by Her prayer and blessed Her. "She asked for the benefit of all the creatures that in future whoever worships the Lord on the siva ratri day with devotion, they should also be blessed and should be given the ultimate liberation and it was granted."


  • When Brahma and Vishnu fought between themselves as "who is the greatest", Lord Shiva appeared before them as a pillar of fire. They were not able to find the starting and end of that pillar. This day is Thirukkaarthikai. Brahma and Mahavishnu repented for their mistake and prayed to Lord Siva for forgiving their sin worshiping the Siva lingam that was the form of the flame. In the night of Sivarathri Lord Siva appeared before them and blessed them. Devotees pray the God throughout the night of Siva rathri.


  • Every month in Krishna paksha chathurdhasi (fourteenth monday) is called masa Shiva rathri. The one that comes in the month of "Masi" (mid February to mid March) is called Maha Shiva rathri.



The 12 Jyothirlingams 

1. Somanathji Saurashtra(Kathiawad Gujaraat}

2. Sri Mallikarjuna  In Srisailam A.P (Also Listed As Srishaktipeeta)

3. Mahaakaal In Ujjain (Mahaaakaaleswar at Ujjain,M.P State)

4.Omkar In Mammaleswaram(At omkareshwar on the river Narmada MP

5.Vaijnath In Parli(Vaidyanath at deogarh ,Bihar)

6.Bhimashankar in Dakini (North west of Poona Dhakini Maharastra)

7.Rameswaram in Sethubhanda (Tamilnadu)

8.Nagesh,Nagendra/Nageswar in Darukavana in Maharastra)

9.Viswanath Or Visweshwar (Viswanaath in Banaarus, Varanaasi U.P)

!0.Trimbakesshwar Near Nasik & river Gautami/Godavari (Maharastra)

11.Kedaranath/Kedareswar In uttarakhand Himaalayas U.P

12.Ghurmeswar in Shivalaya Or Griheswar in Visalakam Near Ellora Caves Maharastra