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     Personal Line Insurance

Personal Line Insurance is meant to cover risks of person and property of individuals or group of individuals or liability developing upon them. Insurance of persons would include Personal Accident, Mediclaim, Critical Illness, Amartya Siksha Yojana, among others. Insurance of property would include Householders', Niwas Yojana, Motor etc. Insurance of liability would include liability devolving on a person arising out of his personal actions / inactions or out of the practice of his/her profession, such as, Personal Liability, Professional Indemnity for a Doctor / Lawyer etc.

    Rural Line Insurance

Since nationalization our Company is moving ahead with the task of taking General Insurance business to the rural segments, keeping in view the social objective of serving the needs of the economy in the best interest of the weaker sections of the community.
To provide financial protection against loss of their small income generating assets due to the occurrence of fortuitous events, our company has devised a number of insurance policies specially designed for the rural people and weaker section of urban society.

    Industrial Line Insurance

Industrial Insurance is another branch of non-life insurance which covers various risks faced by the industry and serves to sustain the growth of the industrial activity. These insurances can be sub-divided into broadly two heads as Project Insurance and Operational Insurance. The two basic forms of Project Insurance are Erection All Risk Insurance and Contractor's All Risk Insurance. Commonly chosen Operational Insurance policies are Fire policy, Machinery Insurance policy, Electronic Equipment Insurance policy and Consequential Loss (Fire) policy.

    Commercial Line Insurance

The mainstay of our economy is commercial activity of various kinds, covering trades, transport, banking etc. These organisations are exposed to risks, which can be categorised as loss of or damage to property / assets and liability arising out of an action /inaction in the course of the commercial activity.
National Insurance offers different options, which enable a commercial organization to protect itself against losses arising from various perils. These options can be classified as package policies, specific policies to protect against property loss and specific policies to cover liability arising due to errors and omissions in the course of transaction of commercial activity.